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 We believe behind every successful company are successful people. The company is led  from the front by Mr. Amarr S. kale who has rich experience in the field. He is able assisted by Senior Engineers, Junior Engineerrs and Technical and  Administrative staff. The driving force behind our team is Mr. G. B. Muddebihalkar  who has over 30 years of rich experience. Mr. Rahul Tople and Mr. Shrirang Kathavate  are the brain behind the brain behind the marketing operations. Mr Sunil Kumbhar is the key person for planning and execution of projects.

Our Services Highlight
Manufacturing of panels like, PCC, MCC, APFCR  
Mapping of the customer requirments for power  
Installation of Substation , Transformer, DG sets  
Maintaining all equipments round the year.  
Design and Enginnering of complete internal and external power distributions and lightring  
  incliding street lights mast.  
Power Resource planning.  
Power Resource planning.  
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M/S FENACE AUTO LTD, Sahajpur Ind - Pune

M/S FENACE AUTO LTD, Sahajpur Ind - Pune


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